Masthead: Kaweah Range

Guidelines for Submissions to
A Naturalist's Notebook

This is where you can share your stories and observations of critters in their natural habitat. Send us your wildlife sightings that are either unusual or highlight, in an interesting way, the animal's behavior.

Your observation should include:

Species: What animal(s) did you see?
Location: Where did you see it? Include local spot as well as where that is: e.g. Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park.
Habitat: What were the surroundings: Meadow? Forest? Stream? Alpine?
UTM: If at all possible, include the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid coordinates of your sighting. This is now the generally accepted method for recording locations used in science. Like latitute and longitude, it provides an exact location, but in meters. Check our example.
Observer: your name or that of the person who saw what happened.
Date: the date it occured.
Notes: describe what you saw. From a few lines to a few paragraphs: What happened? Why was it interesting? Send photos, if you have any.

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Mt. Lyell Salamander
Hydromantes platycephalus

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Masthead Photo from:
Kaweahs From Trailcrest, Kings Canyon National Park
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